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Priorities, priorities, priorities.

My hair grows sort of like a chia pet. Do they still have chia pets? You know the amimal shaped things that you water and the plant poofs out and soon you have a fluffly plant shaped like a dog?

I never had a chia pet….but then again, I don’t need one…my head is a chia pet. There is a certain point when my hair is growing where virtually overnight my head becomes a chia head. My hair poofs outward like an uncontrollable mushroom. Since I am not fond of my head looking like an angry mushroom, this is when I usually call Sheila, and have her trim and tame the mushroom.

In about four weeks this cycle repeats again. If I care to, and I am patient, my hair will eventually grow through the mushroom stage into the Spanish moss stage where it becomes too heavy to mushroom and simply flops over shaggily…such that I resemble a much aged David Cassidy from the old show the Partridge Family.

Any way, for the past several weeks I have been past the mushroom and adorning the spanish moss…much to Melanie’s (my beautiful wife and fashion consultant…though I am a hopeless case when it comes to fashion…after all..how do you consistently make sweat pants, blue jeans, and t-shirts chiq?) dismay. She has been strongly urging me to remove the moss for a few weeks now…well she started subtly and now it has reached the strongly urging stage…for example yesterday she called me “scary” when I walked in from the gym. You do not want the woman you love calling you scary!

Anyway, I too have wanted to get my haircut…but I have been too busy. Now those who are life management afficionados will say…”you’re not too busy Todd, you are choosing not to.” And they would be right…because I am choosing to focus on my priorities…and cutting my hair has not been high enough on the list. Between my fitness regiment, my family…which are always at the top, and building my business…there simply hasn’t been a time when I would choose haircut. Business is booming. Between my personal time with people who are interested and serving those who are part of the team and those that they are serving…I’m having more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

When you are focused on meaningful goals for yourself, and you are helping others who are pursuing their goals, and you are committed to making them happen, your hair can wait. I will finally fit in a haircut this Saturday…between a visit with my Mom, a workout, a series of phone calls, and a meeting to further an important project…but the moss has to go…so it finally made it high enough on the list that I planned it several days ahead.

But I have to tell you…living in and working in your priorities…especially when they involve serving and helping others…its so much fun…you could even forget about your hair (or whatever else fits in this category) for a bit altogether!



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