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Piece of cake!

Or so it appeared as I sat on my couch and watched the X-gamers on skis and snow boards on Saturday. They did these feats of acrobatic gravity defiance so smoothly and  made it look so easy.

The most amazing part wasn’t that they could do these incredible feats, it was that they made it look like anyone could do it. If you haven’t ever seen this, its worth watching for a few minutes. So, how do they make it look so easy when we’re watching?

By practicing and practicing when we aren’t watching. The key to visible success in anything is the unseen work. The endless hours of trying and failing and falling and getting back up…

The only way to get good at something is to work your way through NOT being good at it. There aren’t any exceptions. So the awesome news here is that everyone starts NOT good…and through practice and determination and discipline and persistence and persrverance…..and all the other descriptors for “JUST DO IT UNTIL YOU GET IT” they become good. The ones who become good, and then continue to work just as hard, over time, become exceptional.

I am a natural slow starter. It seems to take me a long time to get through the Not good stage in pretty much anything. So I can relate to the frustration people feel when they are newly working at something.

But trust me on this one…if you will be patient, and you will continue to work at it each day (when no one is looking), and you commit that you will never give up…you can do just about anything you decide to do!

So make the decision and do it.


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