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Anytime you pursue something worthwhile you will have obstacles.

You can even think of this in reverse…if you are not having any challenges or adversities or struggles in your life right  now, perhaps you aren’t very engaged in using your gifts and blessings to make an impact?

Yesterday Melanie shared a segment of a sermon with me from Pastor Kerry Shook. He has a wonderful way of delivering a powerful message in a peaceful way that resonates with me. He was speaking about this topic in general and about how the path from beginning to receiving the blessings of using your gifts in a pursuit ultimately will have barriers.

His message was of course very spiritual in nature, but the practical take-away is easy to identify. Barriers…or the things that are in your way, whatever they are, are the things you must grow through, the things you must work through, these are the things that are necessary to overcome to be worthy of the success you seek.

Therefore, these are not barriers at all…they are bridges. They are necessary to walk over to succeed. The key is to see them as bridges. When I first began my business, I had to face the barrier of making an approach to begin a conversation about my products and opportunity. Being an introvert by nature, this was a barrier for me. I could have said “I can’t do that” or “I don’t like that” and used it as an excuse not to grow personally and stay stuck in a life sitation I didn’t like. I could have deferred my personal responsibility by saying thats “just not me.”

Instead I chose to go straight at the barrier. Ultimately after repeated runs at the barrier, I found the bridge within and the rest is history.

No one is good at every aspect of everything, even within your passion zones. Work through your barriers until they bridge you to the goals you are striving for. You are meant to receive the blessings….but not without walking the bridges. And actually? The bridges are part of the blessing!

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