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I woke up this morning, flew out of bed and thought Thank God its Monday!

What….You think I mean Friday? Well I don’t. I am always thankful its Monday. Because Monday means I get to dig into working my mission and helping people. I get to spend my day working in my passion.

I FORCE myself to do little to nothing on Sunday. I do it because its supposed to be a day of rest, and I know that it’s smart for me to have a day where I let my mind relax. After all, I’m not a spring chicken anymore:-)

But it is hard for me to do nothing….and this is how it should be when you are working in your passions. You should be excited to get up in the morning…not just Friday because its the last day of the traditional work week.

So this begs the question doesn’t it? How do you feel about Monday’s?  Are you excited to get rolling? Excited for a fresh week in which to pursue your dreams?

If  you can’t answer YES !!! You need to make some changes…right now!

Life is short…you have no idea how long you have on this planet. Why not spend some of your time pursuing what you are passionate about? Why not chase a dream?

John Grisham wrote his first book writing an hour a day while he worked full time as a lawyer…Why not you? I know tons of people who built their current successful business in an hour a day while they worked at a job they didn’t love to pay the bills. Why not you?

Thank God its Monday!



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