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We all need role models, mentors, and examples in life that inspire us and help to show us the way.

Earlier this week I wrote about avoiding the comparison trap. This is a necessary follow up to that article. You see some of the people we might naturally compare ourselves to ARE people we should use as role models. The key word here is SOME.

We all need people who help light the way for us. People who are doing the things we are trying to do or who have overcome obstacles in life to achieve  heights. We need inspiration and lessons to heed. This is where role models and mentors come into play.

If I am trying to accomplish something, one of the best things I can do is reach out to someone who has already accomplished it or something similar to it. I can shorten my learning curve and reduce self-inflicted struggles that come from the early stages of the learning curve in the pursuit.

What I have to remember, is that even though I am traveling in the same direction my path will not be the same. And neither will yours. Your role-model is a different person than you. They have their own gifts, and their own struggles. They have their own life situation, their own baggage, and their own obstacles. It is the principles, and the fundamentals…the basics of their attitude in the quest…these are the things to take and apply.

You can see from this, that at no point should you compare yourself to them except for whether or not you are employing the fundamentals and with the right attitude. There will be some aspects of the pursuit which will suit your gifts better than your role model, just as the opposite will be true.

You learn to hone your gifts while you also learn to mitigate your weaknesses in the pursuit. Your role-model isn’t good at everything just as you aren’t. But what you role-model demonstrates for you is that you CAN DO what you strive for.

Your path might look different, but with persistent perserverance you will reach your destination.

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