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It’s not what you say but how you say it.

This is so true on so many levels and in all sitautions. For today, let’s consider this in the context of communicating to others in a sales or marketing setting. I am constantly asked what do you say when you are contacting someone? What do you say in this or that situation?

Usually my answers are varied and simple. Because for me, it is not about exactly what I am saying, it is always about how I am saying it. I come from my heart…not from my head. I speak in a kind way, keep the pressure off, and offer a possibility for them to help themselves, and I do it with genuine enthusiasm. Anyone can successfuly work using these principles.

Here is a little nugget on enthusiasm for you:

“When you are enthusiastic over the goods you are selling or the services you are offering, or the speech you are delivering, your state of mind becomes obvious to all who hear you, by the tone of your voice. Whether you have ever thought of it in this way or not, it is the tone in which you make a statement, more than the statement itself, that carries conviction or fails to convince. No mere combination of words can ever take the place of a deep belief in a statement that is expressed with burning enthusiasm. Words are but devitalized sounds unless colored with feeling that is born of enthusiasm.”-Napoleon Hill

Few things are more attractive in this world than genuine enthusiasm.

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