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Reading and thinking and studying are not DOING.

I was reading “Peanuts” the comic strip today. In this particular four squares of entertainment, Charlie Brown is explaining to Lucy all kinds of detailed information about the physics of flying a kite. After which Lucy says to him “You know a lot about kites, don’t you Charlie Brown?” When he replies that he does know a lot about kites, Lucy asks him “Then why is your kite down the sewer?’

Now we all know that Charlie Brown is the ultimate hard luck guy, so setting that aside for a second, the broader lesson is simple:

It doesn’t matter how much you know about kites…the question is can you fly one?

Maybe you’re thinking “who cares about flying kites?” Okay…then what do you care about?

What is it in your life that you have studied and read about…in lieu of actually doing it? THATS the big point.

Whatever you are aspiring to do, nothing will allow you to become effective at it like doing it. Try…mess up…try…mess up…try…mess up…there is no amount of reading and tutorial that will change this. If I gave you a book on flying a kite, and I gave someone else a kite and only a basic instruction…guess who would get good at flying the kite faster?

Works like this with pretty much everything. Reading and studying have their place, don’t misunderstand me…I’m a big reader. But when it comes to becoming good at doing something…the best thing to do is to just start doing it…so…Go fly your kite…whatever it is:-)

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