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Guess what that is?

Or perhaps I should ask, who that is.

Each month I read one chapter from Og Mandino’s book The Greatest Salesman in the World. The title line of this article was a key phrase in the past month’s chapter.This book is unfortunately named in my opinion, because anyone who is not in a sales profession would be likely to not give this little book a second glance. When in reality, this book is about life and making the most out of the blessings God gives us in all aspects.

Anyway, I have been reading this book daily for over 20 years. And each day its as if I read the passage I am reading for the first time. This is true of all books of depth and knowledge and insight, as each time we read it, while the book is the same, we are different.

This book is the second best book of life lessons I have read and do read daily…the Bible is the best. No contest. But this one is a book anyone who is trying to develop themselves should be spending time with.

Because, you are a unique creature of nature.

This book is not about how to be like anyone else…it is simply a guide for how to be the best YOU. It took me a lot of reading and reflecting to get to the place in my life where I was okay with being me. Mostly, we all have some issue with this. We see others and think they are more blessed than us, or more fortunate than us, or smarter, or whatever…we are pelted with societal images that tell us our life would be better if…

But in fact, we are all unique. We are all blessed uniquely and designed to make our own unique imprint in the world. Think about that when you wake up. You are designed to make your own unique impact. Today. Right now.

No one else can make your impact. Only you. Yes…that is a responsibility. Remember, for he who is give much, much is expected. You have been given much, you are unique. Don’t hide your gifts. Grow them.

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