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You want to know what you truly value in life?

Sometimes the blur of life can cause us to lose perspective on what is really of value. So to help keep yourself in check  try this in your quiet time. It’s easy. Try to imagine your life without various things.

For example, if your car was no longer any good, how much would that really impact you? Not really, in the big picture of your life, very much. It might inconvenience you, but you can replace it and you can find a way to deal with not having it without too much trouble.

What about money? What if your investments tanked or you put all of your money into a business venture and suddenly it was gone? How much would that impact you? Well, certainly the PERCEIVED security would be gone temporarily. Temporarily because you can get more money…perceived because….well what is security? A sense that nothing can go wrong? How much money does it take, exactly, to keep life from happening?  Trick question isn’t it? All the time I hear about people who save and save and invest so they will have money to retire and enjoy…and then they die. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t put money aside…I’m just talking about it’s true importance…

Relationships. Now think about this one for a second. What if someone in your life was suddenly gone? What kind of impact would that make? What kind of hole would that leave? For some relationships, you can say…probably not much. But for others, those family and close friendships…they are irreplaceable.

Health. Losing your health in any capacity can have a profound impact on your life. Sometimes, it’s fixable and sometimes it’s not.

You woke up today and in front of you is hours of time. Should you take care of your car? Should you work on providing income? Sure. Of course.

But never at the expense of the things you cannot replace that are more important. Ideally, you work in a way that fosters health, that nurtures your relationships, and provides money.



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