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“Giving any credence to the dark cloud is dis-honoring God.”

I am thankful that I get to hear Tim preach frequently. If you don’t know who he is, he is a Pastor at Uniontwon Bible Church in Union Bridge, Maryland. This past Sunday, Tim was preaching on Romans 8 (this sermon was on March 16th, 2014).

While Tim’s message was focused broadly and had much more depth than I could ever attempt to capture, I am just going to take this one quote (I think I wrote it correctly, if not I definitely have the context right) and apply it to accomplishing the pursuits you are in the midst of…or perhaps the ones you’ve been afraid to undertake.

You have been blessed with all you need to succeed in the pursuits of your heart. Or God wouldn’t have put it in your heart. It is rarely a lack of talent, or time, or money, or skills, etc. that keep someone from success. Those things are only temporary limitations at best. It is what goes on between the ears. It is negative thinking (dark cloud).

Thoughts of “I’m not good enough” or “I’ll never make it” or “nothing ever works out for me” or any of  many other kinds of negative, self-defeating thoughts that equate to this same thought stream. To this point, Tim’s message is a shot right between the eyes.

To even think you are not good enough is to dis-honor God. God made you perfectly the way you should be,  and if you allow it, will guide you.  And WE HAVE THE NERVE TO HAVE FEAR OF FAILURE?

To listen to and give in to negative thinking? It’s ludicrous. So if you want to have a “who do I think I am…” kind of thought, go right ahead…but make it this one: “Who do I think I am that makes me smarter than God?” Yikes…just typing that was scary.

Ignore the cloud and you’ll see the sunshine.

Whenever I just work with faith, trusting the promptings I receive, it is joyful and easy. The dark cloud of negative thinking becomes a puff of smoke that quickly disappears when you work in faith, trusting that what you’ve been blessed with, to do what you’ve been blessed to pursue, is all that you need. After all, God doesn’t make mistakes and he made you:-)

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