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What is a commitment?

Commitment seems to be a big word. Usually related to something important or serious. At least that’s my perception of this word and in working with people it’s obvious that I’m not the only one with this perception.

Promise on the other hand seems to hold less weight for people. In other words its easier to break a promise than it is a commitment. But guess what?

A commitment and a promise are the SAME. Because they involve your word.

A contract that you sign is a commitment…but so is a verbal agreement. And they both represent doing what you say you will do. I pay close attention to what people do as opposed to what they say. I don’t think about the size of the promise….only whether or not someone follows through. This is all we can go on. As I said before in my last post on this topic, you cannot see intention, only behavior.

Keeping your word is a major part of building trust with others. Can you be counted on? This will be determined based on how you stick to your word. Look at something as simple as agreeing to meet someone at a specified time. It may or may not seem like a big deal to be on time. Perhaps you grew up in a household where it was normal to be late.

But it IS a big deal. Because its a commitment. Being on time, as simple as that is, says something about your word. If I can’t trust someone to be on time, what can I trust them with?

Remember that trust is built a little at a time and develops in layers. There are those you do business with that you will trust to a degree, but there is a level in which you won’t trust them because they have not demonstrated they can be trusted to that level yet. The converse is true. There are people that trust you only so far…because you haven’t demonstrated the ability to keep a higher level of promise yet.

The point here is simple, and important. Whatever you say you will do, DO IT. In time you will be viewed as a person that can be counted on. Imagine what this will do for the long term success of your business?


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