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Focus is such a little word…only five little letters.

So how did one little word get to be so difficult? Focus should be easy right? We turn our attention to something and block out everything else…no problem….if it were only that easy huh? I mean certainly it’s easy to focus on stuff we LOVE to do or that we are incredibly interested in at the moment. When we’re watching a really good movie or playing a video game we don’t have to think about focusing. We just do it.

In other words…its easy to focus (for the most part) when it comes to things we want to do….but when it comes to things we have to do? This is a challenge…because we are surrounded by choices and distractions.

Distractions, or maybe a better word is diversions, are everywhere. As I sit here and type this, I have a cell phone next to me which is recieving texts and calls, I have another phone that is recieving calls, I have an email that is calling to me to read it, I have a day planner with 20 other tasks in front of me, and I have an active mind that is trying to take me from one thought stream into 50 others. And this is just what I am doing to myself as I sit in one spot!!!

Distractions are just the tiny issue in the focus war….relationship dynamics, health, emotions, stressors, desires, responsibilities, life roles, priorities, fears….oh…I could probably go on for a little while here…but the point is that there is alot more going on that can make it difficult to focus.

This barrage of positive and negative stimulation can be so overwhelming that many people simply retreat and focus on nothing but medicating…they medicate with the TV, or the internet, or with substances, or food..in other words they try to feel better by ignoring, but the long run result is they feel emotionally and physically worse!!!

they try to feel better by ignoring, but the long run result is they feel emotionally and physically worse!!!

I talk about procrastination in my book “Live Full, Live Well.” It is a joy stealer. Typically procrastination is doing what we want to do instead of what we have to do….why doesn’t matter. BUT even while we are doing the thing we want to do…the thing that we have to do is nagging at our minds…reducing the fun from the thing we chose to do instead….so now we are losing twice!!!

Procrastination is a joy stealer.

To succeed in life we need to focus!!!! Do the thing you have to do. Forget the ringing phone, forget the email, forget the text, don’t worry about tomorrow…do the thing you have to do right now. Plan what needs to get done, then systematically do it. Plan in your priorities. Your health, relationships, business. Stick to your plan and everything will work it’s way out. Don’t let the false anxieties of today’s world drive you out of focus.

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