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There are always sacrifices to be made in the quest for success.

When I first started my Lifeplus business many years ago, I was in a very difficult place financially. Poor decisions in the prior years had put me, and subsequently my family, in a tough spot.  I could have gotten a job and righted the ship financially over time. But I would have had to sacrifice two of my most important values had I taken a job: freedom and family time. That price was simply unacceptable to me.

So instead, I sacrificed most everything else for a 90-day period of time. I didn’t socialize. I didn’t watch television. I didn’t have any recreation. And for this period of time, I also spent little time with my family except for Sundays. This decision was not made by me alone, but with agreement from Melanie. She also agreed to sacrifice in the short term for the good of the long term.

I am huge on balance in life and living in your priorities. So this was not an easy sacrifice for any of us to make. But it was short term. The long term prospect of NOT doing it was a sacrifice that neither one of us was ready to accept. For those 90 days, I didn’t see much of my children either. But these ninety days were a small price to pay for years of complete time freedom I have enjoyed since.

There are two major points (there could be many more) in this article: Your decision to go all in, and your spouse or sugnificant other’s support.

Melanie and I made this decision together. There were no gaurantees it would work. There are no guarantees in earthly life…except death. We discussed it, felt it was the smart thing to do, and she said “go do what you have to do.” Not once during these 90 days did she do anything but encourage me and support me. Not once did she say, “can’t you not work today?” She completely subrogated her short term wishes, and sat on her fears (although Melanie is a woman of strong faith and doesn’t often express fears about situations) and gave me the emotional freedom to go for it. I am foerever grateful for her support, and ultimately we both had the fruits of the result, including a unique life together.

The decision to go all in for 90 days is a whole other ball of wax. In a business where most people work it five to ten hours per week at most, while they continue to do all the other things they normally do, I was working multiples of that per day. Essentially I compressed YEARS of work into a ninety day window of time. The result was that at the end of 90 days, I had an income that might normally take years to develop.

This is the cool thing about the networking industry. Unlike a location tied-shop or other traditional style business endeavor, you have the ability to multiple your results quickly when you multiply your actions. Because, essentially while all businesses are people/relationship driven, they are numbers games in the process. In a ninety day run you can dramatically multiply your numbers and drive a compounding of results into your business.

If you have a window of opportunity in front of you, don’t make the mistake of casually working in it. The adage of massive action equals massive results is true. Meet with the people that matter in your life, and garner their support, then take a 90 day run.

I have made modified 90 day runs since. I didn’t have the same “need” at those times, so my sacrifices were not as great, and while the results were not as great either, they were still massive in normal terms.

Don’t sit around and wait for your life to change. Be proactive. Make the change.



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