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There are lots of books and programs written about how to succeed.

Heck, I’ve written a few myself. And all of them will help you provided you are willing to take consistent action and do it with the proper behaviors. Here are a few paragraphs of wisdom, that if adhered to consistently, will help you as much as any program you could go through.

“When you do only that for which you are paid, there is nothing out of the ordinary to attract favorable comment about the transaction; but, when you willingly do more than that for which you are paid, your action attracts the favorable attention of all who are affected by the transaction, and goes another step towards establishing a reputation that will eventually set the law of Increasing returns to work in your behalf, for this reputation will create a demand for your services, far and wide.”-Napoleon Hill

“To distinguish yourself, get noticed, and advance your career, you need to do more and be more. You have to rise above average. You can do this by asking more of yourself than others ask, expecting more from yourself than others expect, believing more in yourself than others believe, doing more than others think you should have to do, giving more than others think you should give, and helping more than others think you should help.”-John Maxwell

I could have put another 100 paragraphs from 100 different leaders that I have studied that all would have a similar message. You know why? Because it is the truth. None of these successful people talk about needing extraordinary talents and abilities. They talk about the basics that anyone can do.

An ancient Chinese Proverb says it best: “To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.”

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