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We all take care of our homes don’t we?

All around you, and likely you too, are people taking good care of their homes and yard. The average homeowner spends lots of money and time every year on maintenance of their home and grounds.

One budgeting service says you should budget $1 per square foot for annual maintenance, so a 3000 square foot home would be about $3000 per year, not including any major occurences. The yard is another cost which can be in the four figures per year. Then of course there is the time…time has a substantial cost as well. The bottom line is that most people do whatever they have to do to keep their home and yard looking nice.

Why? Because they live there and its also a bit of their image. Taking pride in their home. Showing they care.

But the interesting thing to me is…we don’t actually live in our home. Noone does. OUR BODIES live in our home. WE LIVE IN OUR BODIES!

So when I see someone taking meticulous care of their home and grounds, but not so good care of their body, I have to assume they haven’t gotten the memo…it doesn’t matter how nice your house is, or your grounds are, if your body is a wreck….you only have one body…it is the only place YOU live. You can get a different home with different grounds…but you can’t get a different body.

It doesn’t make sense to me to take care of things before taking care of yourself. ANY things. Things are just things. You? You are a unique creation. One who is blessed with unique gifts and abilities. One who can make a difference in the lives of all you touch. One who is responsible for serving multiple roles in your life that influence and affect many people. You can’t do any of that very long…or very WELL without being healthy.

So go ahead and take care of your house, your yard, your car, your stuff and things…but make sure you exercise, eat good food, and take all the supplements you need (and thats likely a lot), before you do any of the other stuff…and you’ll be able to take care of all the other stuff, and enjoy it, a lot longer in life.


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