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“I really don’t care what anyone else thinks.”

This is my favorite thing to hear someone say who I am coaching in business, because I know that this is a person who, if they apply themsleves, has no ceiling on their possibilities. They can go as far as they want and achieve as much as they want.

Some people seem to have this attitude relatively soon in life (often those who have had difficulty). These tend to be people who do unique things and accomplish significant things at a young age. Others, and I would put myself in this group, struggle for years with this issue, and eventually get to a point where they stop caring so much what other people think. And then all kinds of great stuff opens up in life. Unfortunately, a bigger percentage of people live their life bound by the chains of what others think…they never break free. These people subsequently live the lives others think they should live and have little sense of fulfillment or actualization.

Its all a choice.

Anything….and I mean anything, that is different from what someone else knows or believes, they will tend to naysay. Unless they are a highly developed person.

So anything that you aspire to do or be that is outside of the box of belief of another will bring you some level of criticism. If you care about this, it can dampen your enthusiasm, cause you to question yourself, and far to often, have you stop the thing you want…for the sake of someone else’s uninformed opinion.

Doesn’t make much sense does it? If I know a carrot is good for me, but my friend who is unhealthy criticizes me for being a health freak, should I abandon the carrot and join him in a doughnut? Ridiculous right?

When you reach the point where you truly understand that what someone else thinks has NOTHING to do with you and EVERYTHING to do with them….you will not care what they think. When that happens, you will have phenomenal success in whatever yoiu aspire to because you will have no fear in taking the actions to share with people.




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