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What would you prefer: Living the life you truly desire or having most people agree with you?

I said it was a simple question, but I did not say it was a simple answer.

Do you know how to test an idea? Tell it to several people. If most of the people tell you its a good idea and that you should pursue it, then you probably shouldn’t. But if most of the people frown on the idea…well that means you should probably pursue it.

If you walk out of your door this morning and look around you, the majority of the people you see are not living the life they really want. They are not working at their dream job. They do not have the lifestyle they would prefer. The majority of people are essentially living someone else’s life. Not as a puppet on a string…they are the one’s pulling the string…but they have been pulling the strings of popular influence.

Somewhere along the line they made decisions based on the premise that it was better to do what others would agree with than to pursue the desires of their heart. I believe most of theses choices, in the big picture, were somewhat subconscious, and quite rational.

I am not saying the majority don’t have good lives. What I am saying is they are not living the life that their blessings and gifts, and their hearts, deep down, would have them living without any outside influence.

This is one of the driving forces behind many mid-life crisis. Someone wakes up one morning and says “how did I get here?” They realize they are not living the life they really want. Some boldly take the steps and eliminate the compromise while others continue on in “quiet desperation.”

The choice is ours. Always.

Perhaps you are, at this moment, living and pursuing exactly as you would want. Awesome. But if you aren’t?

Ask yourself, why not? If the answer is not based on where your heart truly is…it is time to change and really live. Oh, and remember, what is in your heart to do? Pursuing that is worth a million people telling you that you’re crazy.


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