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Who you are speaks so loudly, that what you say cannot be heard.

There have been many variations of this said by many different people, and it has been said since the beginning of recorded words. It is wisdom to understand this deeply and live your life in accordance. This parrallels the idea that what you do and how you do it is what matters, not what you say or have.

This is why devoting time to developing yourself is such an important part of becoming your best. We are all pushed and pulled by many different forces in our lives. If we are not attentive to strengthening our principles and fundamentals we can easily make decisions and act in ways that are not really who we are.

When I am interacting with people, whether it is in business or in my personal life, I pay little attention to what someone says they are going to do. Words are easy. Actions represent more of the truth to me. Actions are driven by thoughts, and thoughts are driven by who someone is on a deeper level. Over time, someone who has developed themselves shows that when they say something, it is credible. Then trust that actions will follow words can be true.

“For a tree is known by its fruit.”-Matt. 12:33

You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to make this your mantra. Let your fruit do your talking. Invest the time on a daily basis in growing and strengthening your adherence to the right prnciples and fundamentals and then when you act, most of the time you will be doing what is best. This doesn’t mean you will never make an error in judgement or have an off- day, but it does mean that when this happens you will be able to recognize the mistake, own it, admit it, correct it, and move forward.

The world forgives errors when a person has principles and admits the mistake. You can even grow your credibility when you make mistakes, if you are quick to own them and then do not repeat it. But make no mistake, you WILL be known by the fruit of your actions and behavior. These are two things you can control. Invest yourself daily in growing yourself, and watch the fruit show up.



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