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“Be Purposeful, Be Patient, Be Active”-The Answer

Right now, as you read this, you are writing your story. You may not be doing it literally, but you are doing it practically. Someday in the future, you will sit back and reflect on the life you have lived. What do you think will stand out to you based on the way you live now? Think forward for a minute…as if you were watching a video of yourself living your life…disregard the mundane things that we all do as a matter of course everyday (eating, bathing, etc.) and evaluate the things you consider significant. Focus on what you choose to do with your ideas, talents, knowledge, and resources (personal and acquired). Are you seeing yourself use them the way the future version of you would have embraced?

Do you see someone who is actively pursuing the things in their heart or do you see someone setting them aside in the name of something else?

Do you see someone taking risks and living with passion?

Do you see someone who is making a difference?

Do you see someone who is living with joy?

Are you excited?

Are you vibrant?

Do you see a person who stands up for what they believe or follows the crowd?

Do you like what you see in all aspects of what truly matters to you?

If the answer is YES! to most of these questions, then congratulations…you are a model for the people around you and you are likely feeling pretty fulfilled most of the time. If the answer is NO…then I have one simple suggestion for you: Change the script!

You are the one who lives your life. Live the life you want to live. Make it happen. I decided years ago to live in a certain way. This meant that I made choices that most people close to me in my life didn’t understand, and therefore didn’t agree with.

I chose a referral marketing business because I like to be able to work in my barefeet from home. I like to be able to do what I want when I want to and know that I determine the consequences. I like to receive income today for effort I expended years ago, deciding how much or how little I work and when that is…and with whom I work. I like being able to spend as much time as I want with the people I care about. I like to be able to travel a month or two per year. I love the fact that my income is derived purely from making a difference in someone else’s life.

Many people told me I was stupid, crazy, a dreamer….

I am still crafting my vision for the next several years. I know that I will serve at least a million people and I will do this through my Lifeplus platform and through my coaching, training, and writing. But there is still some grey space in my brain. Thats okay. Right now, my future self is looking back at me and urging me…be purposeful. be patient, be active…and I will add to that, do what you love, with the people you enjoy, and never settle for less than God blessed you to be.

Listen to your future self…not the current voices around you…or even occassionally in your own head. Change the script starting today. Be purposeful, be patient, be active…



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