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How doesn’t cross your mind…

If your head was held under water, against your wishes (although I’m not sure when you would wish for it to be so!), within seconds you would not consciously be thinking at all about how to get your head out of the water. Instead you would be instinctively trying everything possible with all your might to push your way out. You would be focused, powerful, and highly motivated. In fact, within a few seconds of having your head submerged, you would be an intensely motivated individual.

You would not try to get out of the water. You would get out of the water. The how of it would be irrelevant…the why of it would be the driver. Your desire to live, which is why you would be so highly motivated, would be all you would need. No set of instructions on how to do it would be necessary. You would quickly figure out how. You would move rapidly from one type of attempt to the next until you successfully freed yourself from the grip that held you under.

Now here comes the practical point: What keeps you from getting out from being underwater in the areas of your life in which you know you are? When your head is under water, you don’t just make an excuse and say “Oh well, its too hard to get out so I think I’ll just drown.” No, you accept no possible excuse for not getting your head above water. You possess this for any purpose you put your intense focus upon. Under water in your health? Under water financially? Under water in your work? Let me define what I mean by “under water”…dissatisfied, unhappy, frustrated, unfulfilled, etc.

There is no true, real reason for this most of the time. Except the choice to remain so. This is where the how and the why thing come into play. Don’t focus on how. If you knew how at this moment and you truly wanted to rise up from out of the water, you would already be doing it. So either, you don’t have the how or you don’t have the why. Missing the how, without having the why will never lead to change. You simply will not be motivated enough to find the how unless you have the why. In fact, even if you have the how, but don’t have the why, you won’t follow through to success, because even with the how, things will soon become difficult and challenging and you will not persist through adversity without the why.

On the flip side, if you have the why, you will figure out the how. Because just like rising up from the grip that was holding you under, you simply will not accept any other possibility other than getting out of the water. You will always figure out the how with a big enough why. Always. It is the path of all success.

Figure out why you want to get out of your waters, and then commit to doing it and the how for you will eventually show up.


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