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“Is it not better to aim my spear at the moon and strike only an eagle than to aim my spear at the eagle and strike only a rock?”-Og Mandino

This is the time of year when I set my goals for the next year, and hopefully you do too. It is no secret that people who set goals accomplish more in life than people who don’t. Having goals does not guarantee success…but having no goals will pretty much guarantee little to no relevant progress. I’m not ashamed to say I have never had a year when I achieved all the goals I set for myself. I don’t have a problem with it because every year I AM further along in the areas of my life that matter, because I had goals that helped me to stay focused on what was important.

2014 was not different in this regard. I set 7 major goals for myself coming into 2014. I accomplished 3 of them. The four goals I didn’t reach, still found me further ahead and better off for having set them. Each of the four goals I didn’t reach still made a significant impact in my life. In other words, I still struck the eagle. I like to set aggressive and meaningful goals. This way, as long as I am dedicated to working toward them, the pursuit will enhance my life, and the accomplishment would be the cherry on the sundae so to speak.

Anyway, I’m about to work on my 2015 goals. I set my goals at first within what I call the 3 circles: personal health and well-being, marriage relationship, business and financial. In terms of quality of life, there are 7 specific aspects that I can set goals in, but for priorities, these three are the dominant ones. I can roll other things into these three areas as extensions.

I know that these three areas are critically tied to each other in the big picture. Health and well-being lead to energy, positivity, the ability to focus on others….relationships require time and attention and self-less commitment. Health enhances relationships. Business is easy when energy is high, optimism is high, and relationships are thriving. These three are the foundation for success. This is how I set my goals and I would urge you to do the same.


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