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Do you want big things to happen in your life?

Then you gotta start thinking big. Success is rarely an  accident. Huge success is never an accident.

Life is so much more fun and exciting when you think big and then you take action on your thinking. Yes I know, your friend tells you its ridiculous. Or your parents or your spouse or your neighbor….lots of people tell you not to be a dreamer. Well…who gives a _____ (fill in your favorite expletive:-) what they say?

Are they going to take care of your family for you? Are they going to give you your desires? Are they going to be the ones staring back at you from the mirror in ten or twenty years saying why didn’t you…. No!

Most people who will tell you that you can’t or you won’t are trying to keep you down with them because they were too chicken to act on their own dreams. They thought small and they got small and they spread their self-imposed negative small thinking like a farmer spreads manure. Which is fitting because what they think is less than manure…manure at least has some value!

As Norman Vincent Peale said “Think big, act big, be big.” And you will live big.

“Big thinkers are unconditionally passionate about what they do. They know that money isn’t success; it’s simply one by-product of success. And they know that if they are genuinely passionate about what they do, the money will come. It’s very difficult to believe this when you’re starting out and may be broke or struggling, but you have to believe it nonetheless. Big thinkers think big, even when they are living in a basement apartment and scraping to put together financing for that first venture.” -Assaraf & Murray, The Answer

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