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I am writing this inaugural post from a hospital bed. I had full knee replacement surgery 12 hours ago and now it’s the middle of the night and I am not sleeping so well. I will be long gone from this bed by the time you read this, but I was inspired as I rested to provide this example of the pure freedom that is afforded by residual/passive style income created by using The Process to grow a distribution network.

We are simply creating a network of consumers.

That’s what you are doing in the big picture. Simply creating a network of consumers. All businesses attempt to do this of course, but most of the more traditional models are fraught with waste and inflated costs in their models. This is why many old-line bricks and mortars are losing ground to their networking and internet based competitors. The consumer wants the best value products and services at the fairest prices possible with the least amount of hassle and the highest level of trust. Quality, and I repeat this word, quality (meaning long term true businesses, not money games disguised as such) networking companies meet this consumer desire perfectly.

Anyway, as I lay here, products are being ordered and paid for around the world, without me, and I am earning income. I will be extensively rehabbing for the next several weeks and working little, if at all. That won’t matter either. I will still earn handsomely despite putting in no discernable effort. Because I put the effort in already.

Before I came to the hospital I put a voicemail on my phone letting people know I will be out of touch for several days. That was the extent of the management necessary to take several days away from the work. Because I am no one’s boss and no one is mine (well…you could make the case that my beautiful bride Melanie is my boss…).

Referral marketing offers residual income for the not-already-wealthy.

Residual style income is the real reason to build this kind of business. Of course passion for your product or service are important, but you can have passion for lots of things and not build a business around them. Creating a stream of income that comes in whether you are working or not, regardless of its size is a difference maker for anyone.

It is the residual-income-for-the-not-already-wealthy-vehicle.

That’s the beauty of the industry. It is the residual-income-for-the-not-already-wealthy-vehicle. Everyday people in other words. The rich have tons of residual style income, from real estate holdings, partnerships, portfolios, etc….they can use money to create streams of money. This industry allows people like you and me to use sweat equity to create the same thing. I started with nothing. Zero. Zilch. Yet, I have had a huge residual style income for lots and lots of years. Many times over the years life situations necessitated my stepping away from the work for a while. For example, when my brother fell ill in 1998 and passed away, I didn’t really work for about six months. I still got paid.

I pulled back completely for six years in the early 2000s to spend time with my family and complete some life goals. I still got paid. One of the biggest public misnomers is that this industry is all hype about getting rich. And for good reason…there are a lot of hypesters and money games that cloud the water. But then again, these types exist in all potentially lucrative fields don’t they?

The referral marketing industry is all about living a richer life.

The real point is, that this industry is about living a richer life. Whatever that looks like for you. For me, being healthy and vital, having deep real loving relationships, and being able to pursue whatever is in my heart, all while helping others to live a better and richer life…that is a rich life. The amount of money that matters for this is completely an individual thing and it is only one facet.

You can design, embark upon, and gradually create whatever kind of life you truly want. And you will. Just follow The Process and be patient. Nothing of lasting value ever happens overnight.

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