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Your home-based business model doesn’t matter nearly as much as you might think.

Everyday all over the world, people in the home-based business industry are wasting countless hours trying to convince other people in the industry why their type of business/compensation plan is the best. STOP IT!

First off, speaking negatively about any other type of structure, does not make you look better. It only makes you look like a person who has to make someone else smaller in order to look bigger. Grow up and be bigger outright, and let the world see THAT.

Secondly, this is not good for the industry of home based business. We already have enough people who don’t get how good our business is, why would we spread any ill-will at all? That’s just not smart.

Thirdly, the type of business model that is great for you, might not be the best fit for someone else, depending on their values, goals, needs, resources, etc. It’s not your place to EVER tell someone else what is best for them.

Fourth, the compensation structure and business model, are not remotely the most important thing anyway. First you need a solid company with a commitment to a strong mission, resources, values, ethics, and a vision. Without that, you are wasting your time (unless you are totally short-sighted). I don’t care how much they pay out or how fast. Then you need a truly viable product or service that people would gladly buy and use long term, whether they are part of the opportunity or not. Without that? You are absolutely in a money game and your personal credibility will go bye-bye very quickly. If you have those two pieces, now you can begin to assess how you get paid. But one thing to remember, as long as the first two are in place, you can absolutely earn whatever you want if you will just work the process long enough. All compensation plans in the industry are lucrative for the people who build it big.

It’s all about which home-based business model works for you.

So, back to the initial issue about the conversation. Here’s the reality, there are lots and lots of home-based business income models and they all work. It just depends on what you want and need. Regardless of how it is structured, there will be front money, middle money, and long term big money. Each part is important, and the more of one, the less of the other. It all balances out.

I could explain all the different models here, using economics expertise, and my industry experience (I have been paid highly to consult on compensation models by start-ups in the past), but that would take many pages to do and be irrelevant to the point.

The Process works with any home-based business model.

So I’ll just say this: whatever model you work in, whether it’s a binary, break-away, uni-level, party plan direct sales, pure referral, etc. understand, that to earn big money long term, you will have to work hard for years. Any model that presents itself to short-cut this, is a gimmick. Not to say that you can’t make a lot of money fast, I have. But making money fast, comes from intense fast work in a short period of time. Not from a model. Models don’t build anything. They just pay the people that do the work.

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