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Why Not what if your efforts in life and then follow through on all the good what ifs?

This short post is from back in 2011…it could be posted daily, because we need this kind of reminder daily.

You never want to look back and say to yourself, “What if I had tried…” That is a bad feeling and it never goes completely away.
We all have many of those in our closet don’t we? The things we didn’t do or try because we were afraid of the consequences or we were just afraid…period.

Everything in life has consequences. Not doing or trying something has consequences as much as doing or trying something. Here’s the beauty of pursuing in the face of being a little scared…you can only win… regardless of the outcome. The thing you fear but try anyway? Even if it does not work out for you? You have no regrets. You have learned something new. You had a new experience. You now know. You will be more confident in the future. You will be more effective in the future, because you have new confidence and new experience to draw from. My life changed when I got to the point where “if it can’t kill me, then I will try if I feel honestly compelled.” My life became richer in so many ways…not just business success…which is easy if you work the Process without fear, I mean in everything.

Not doing or trying something has consequences as much as doing or trying something.

Here is the way I apply this to the business…as soon as I think about talking to someone….I now have no choice. I have to do it. Why not? What if? It doesn’t matter what they say…I feel good that I did it and many times they are glad I did…but I could have said no to myself…what an awful waste for me and them! I love the saying “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
ALWAYS TAKE THE SHOT…what if you do? It might go in!

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