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I bet you didn’t even know I was pregnant!

We are all pregnant with ideas and aspirations. It is only a question of our true desire to birth them and then our willingness to make it happen. Moments ago I officially gave birth to my new baby The Process Wins Blog Platform.

My readership is made up of people from all types of businesses. I train several corporations per year working with their management to teach leadership and soft skills, some of you come from this area of my work. A larger part of my audience comes from home-based entrepreneurs, many of which are in the referral and/or network marketing industry. This is my primary work and the platform in which I am working towards inspiring and equipping a million or more people in the coming years. I have had to short-change my teaching and tips for the home-based entrepreneurs to serve the readership as a whole. So I am very excited about the launching of the http://theprocesswins.com because it will allow me to directly serve the amazing home-based industry that I am so passionate about and I believe needs to be championed in the right way.

I will continue to blog once or twice per week here on personal and professional development, as well as things I think might be inspiring and useful in the areas of health, relationships, and business in general.

The Process Wins blog will be a multi-faceted platform to serve the home-based business industry. Those of you working in a home business will be able to use this resource in a number of ways:

*It will be a place that serves to inspire and educate (equip) as I will share proven tips to help people succeed

* It is generic so that it can also be used as a belief building tool for potential partners as well as an education tool for people looking into the industry, because there will be nuggets in each article that will relate to different people at different times

 *There is an area where people can submit me a question they would like answered and then I can use the question to provide ongoing training for the audience.
*It will also be the base for audio podcasts in the near future
When you visit today you will find two initial articles posted as well as the “About” section. Sign-up for the email notifications. I will post once or twice per week and begin live podcasts in the near future.  Please share the Process Wins blog with others to help me spread the word and be a part of inspiring and equipping millions to succeed at a higher level in their life.

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