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Everything in this earthly life is temporary.

Did you ever stop and think about this? I makes sense given that each of us is temporary. We aren’t as temporary as a passing rain shower, but in the big picture of time, we are less temporary than the blink of an eye. So how is this useful?

Understanding the temporary nature of life is highly practical to living in a more joyful and fulfilling way. Why fear taking chances when you know all things are temporary? Most rich people were at some point temporarily broke. Lots of fit people at some point were temporarily out of shape. Ignorance in any subject is temporary if you choose it to be.

 Why fear taking chances when you know all things are temporary?

Adversities, struggles, challenges, problems…temporary temporary temporary temporary. All things do pass. This applies both in the positive and the negative. As sure as there are seasons in the year we have seasons in our lives. Summer surely follows spring. Winter follows Fall. Count on it.

Relationships are seasonal also. If you reflect back on your life you will find that very few relationships  (besides your birth family) last until that person is gone. People pass through your life for a season. For some it’s longer than others. You can have a strong relationship with a friend for years and suddenly it shifts and you have little contact ever again. You can do business with someone for years and then never see them again.

This reality should help us to appreciate our relationships because we don’t know when they will be gone. We cannot take the people in our lives for granted. This is true of our business relationships as well as every level of our personal relationships. They are temporary too.

It’s all seasonal. Embrace life. Embrace all that it holds. You need each season to appreciate the other. When you are in winter of adversity remember that it is temporary and it’s very existence and the work it is doing in you is necessary to see the next summer come. When a relationship has moved on don’t fret it’s passing, relish the experience and know that it has served it’s purpose.

Life is abundant. There is no scarcity of possible relationships, there is no scarcity of opportunities, there is only possibilities everywhere you turn.


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