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Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

This week I learned a fantastic nugget from a video by Eric Worre. He is the author of Go Pro- 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional and he also provides awesome training tips on his web site http://www.networkmarketingpro.com.

His book Go Pro is absolutely the best in depth book I have read on the successfully building the business and prefacing the value of the industry. I love my book The Process as the quick-this-is-how- simple-this-is kind of book, but Worre’s book is the here’s-all-the-details under the Process kind of book. It’s a must read for everyone.

Anyway, here is the gist. There is nothing better than being face to face with someone to share your opportunity. Of course you can build a business in today’s world using all kinds of tools. And you should. But you definitely want to be in front of people as much as you can. The deepest connection happens face to face and the prospects feeling of your belief and enthusiasm is strongest.

There is nothing better than being face to face with someone to share your opportunity

The challenge is actually reaching people to arrange the appointment. A massive amount of phone calls, leads to many more voice mails than answered calls. There is also the issue of some of the newer people having a little fear of the phone also :-). (Phone fear goes away once belief goes up and you understand that you are doing people a favor by sharing the opportunity with them but this is a different topic for another day).

The answer that Worre revealed is text. I have used text in the past as a precursor for a call very effectively and still do. What I mean is, I text someone and say “Got a minute to talk?” That is an excellent way to increase phone efficiency and works really well. Worre’s method takes it to an entirely new level.

Text someone and say “Let’s have coffee next week, what’s your schedule look like?” or “I want to get with you for coffee next week, when is good?” You can use any variation you’d like and you can include more if you’d like. For example “Let’s grab coffee next week, I have an idea I want to run past you.” Or “I have a project I’d like to discuss with you” or “I have some business I want to discuss with you.”

you will get responses and it will be easy to set appointments

The bottom line is, that you will get responses and it will be easy to set appointments. I had two team members test this out immediately. During the course of their normal busy day, they each sent out 7 texts like the ones I mentioned. Total time invested? About 10 minutes. Over the course of the day, through responses, they each set 5 appointments. It was easy and it takes virtually no time.

This will work to some degree with any type of messaging system from email to Facebook messenger, but nothing is as immediate culturally as text. This shouldn’t replace the phone as a tool. This is simply to use as a method to set appointments. Use the direct or the precursor. It works.

The bottom line in the business is the people who are telling their story the most, over time, tend to build the biggest businesses. Got a topic or question you’d like me to talk about? Email it to tburrier@gmail.com.

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