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Seriously. Why not?

You are a uniquely wonderful creation. You are the only one like you in the world. Why shouldn’t you boldly think big? You have limitless possibilities…think without limits and you will act without limits.

The only thing that is in the way of you achieving your dreams is what is happening in between your ears. If others with far less privileges than you, in far more difficult circumstances than you, can achieve their dreams, imagine what you can do when you decide to? I love that this quote comes from Norman Vincent Peale. This was a man of deep humility and just as deep faith. He was expressing a fundamental truth. God does not make trash.

We should be bold and go after what is in our heart to go after. We are supposed to. We are actually mandated to pursue that which our blessings and inclinations compel us to do. We are not supposed to cower and hide. We are not supposed to live lives of regret. We are supposed to live all out, growing, stretching, grasping, embracing, rejoicing, and thriving. Will it all be roses? I don’t know….roses have thorns…they hurt…roses still have to be planted and nurtured…we have to have some patience to allow our rose to do it’s part while we are doing our part…so maybe it IS a bed of roses?

Bottom line: This is a choice. You have the gifts, the blessings, the possibilities living in side you. Be BIG.



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