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“The time to worry about your reputation is before you have one.”-William Raspberry

When I am leading seminars in any arena related to business and success I start with the Credibility curve. The credibility curve is essentially a measure of character and competency. It is the platform in which we all develop our reputations in the worlds in which we operate. The higher your credibility, the more easily you are able to have an impact in any endeavor you choose.

Your credibility is effectively your reputation isn’t it? It’s how other’s perceive you. You cannot tell others how they should perceive you. You can only function in the world and have them develop their perception. My friend Paul Welliver is the first person I heard say “repetition, repetition, repetition, reputation.” This is spot on. Your reputation is developed by what people habitually see from you, which means it comes from what you habitually DO.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition, Reputation

So here are a few things that you can do habitually, which will build your credibility and hence, your reputation:

Be authentic

Be Honest

Be Kind

Be Respectful

Leave things better than you find them

Be on time

Keep all commitments

Be considerate

Be humble

Let your actions speak (they will anyway)

Be prepared

Do everything to the best of your ability

Grow your ability daily

When you are wrong or make a mistake, take ownership and admit it

Apologize when you hurt someone

Underpromise and overdeliver

Time and circumstances eventually reveal truth. Develop yourself in such a way that your highly credible reputation is not only a perception, it is reality.


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