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It’s fairly normal to hear someone talk about recession-proofing yourself through building a home business. And while this is a great topic to talk about, that is for another day.

What about weather-proofing yourself?

Today, as I write this, it is snowing like crazy. It will dump close to a foot in our area today by the time it is all said and done. I say, Let it snow!

Sure, snow can cause the need to reschedule an appointment or a meeting because it makes for dangerous driving conditions. But then again, that meeting can be changed to a skype session too can’t it? You see, when you have the awesome life of being full time in your home business, weather becomes totally irrelevant.

 weather becomes totally irrelevant

Commuting? It’s not snowing in the hallway from my bedroom to the stairs to my office. So my commute is no different.

Since most of my business is done from my home office, I am not inhibited at all…actually, a big snowstorm ENHANCES the ability to do business. Huh?

Yup, everyone is available! You can have some of your biggest days ever talking to people on a snow day. AND, unlike lots of people who are forced to still go to work, you can decide to just go sleigh-riding if you decide to.

You can have some of your biggest days ever talking to people on a snow day

And it’s not just snow. Any weather is your friend. In a month or two, the spring will be in full bloom. The birds will be chirping, the sun will be warm, and then I will just commute to my back deck and talk to people by phone, computer, or in person outside in the sunshine! I often am asked during the summer why I am tan, and I say “because I sit out on my back deck and help people for a living.”

In our business, YOU make the weather. Rain, snow, wind, sun…it’s all good.

 never let the weather be an excuse

People who know the awesome value of building a full time income from home, never let the weather be an excuse. They let it be an encourager, they let it be part of the story, they let it be a reminder, or they just let it be and do the work…which by the way, is the REAL beauty…when you work this business right, it doesn’t even feel like work!

And YES, it’s quite okay to have fun for a living. Just ask the people who have a full time home business!


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