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Our primary task in networking is rather simple and can be boiled down to this: Provide an opportunity for people to help themselves. We do this every time we make an approach, and this is what we are doing when we sponsor someone. It doesn’t mean we sign them up and then kiss them on the forehead and say good luck. We need to serve and support their efforts. In other words, help them as they work, but the key aspect here is that our primary up front role in the work is to provide the opportunity.

This is where it can be tricky. You see, you may have the best opportunity for the person you are speaking to. It may be ideal for them and fit their goals and desires and value system one hundred percent. It may be the ultimate answer for them. But if they don’t understand that it is, you have no opportunity to help them.

If their prior experience with someone in networking was negative, or they have inaccurate information of some sort, or are making erroneous assumptions, they cannot see the truth in what you offer.

Trust the process and believe in what you have

This is why I am so emphatic about no pressure when you are working with someone. You have to trust that what you have is good enough that if someone has a need, and they really learn about what you have, they will want to have you sponsor them. Trust the process and believe in what you have.

If your prospect feels pressure they will usually back away, feel uncomfortable, and also question the integrity of your offer, and your integrity as well, this is in addition to not wanting to speak with you in the future about, speaking negatively to others about you and your opportunity, and possibly ruining the industry as a potential answer for them ever!

If your prospect feels pressure they will question your integrity

“If we were to ask some people why they feel the way they do about certain issues, we would probably discover that the reason why they feel the way they do is because they really don’t know a great deal about those issues. Lacking all of the information, they form conclusions based on the bits and pieces that have come their way. With their limited knowledge, they often make poor decisions about how things are.”-Jim Rohn

You are offering people a wonderful gift. The possibility of a lifestyle completely centered around whatever is important to them as well as the chance fro abundance in any way they choose. Focus on helping them learn and let them choose.

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