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Who is they?

They are those that say Nay.

Nay to YOUR dreams and ideas and aspirations. These are the THEYs of which I write this short message. They have no business telling you what you can or can’t do. They have nothing of value to add to your quest. THEY are toxic.  They are to be dismissed and avoided.

When I talk to someone and discover that they are a they, that is the end of our discussions. Why would I listen to negative, ignorant, life-limiting, garbage? In my reading this morning, I read a very brief synopsis by the author of some of his theys.

He went to college with the goal of getting a degree to use as a platform to build a sales career. They said he couldn’t sell so he didn’t get hired. Then he decided to get a doctorate to become a dean of students. He was denied the opportunity by they. Then he wanted to simply teach at the University. They said he couldn’t because he wasn’t a good enough writer.

Today, despite what they said, this man has written and sold tens of millions of books that have taught people how to build a better life and succeed.

They said he couldn’t sell, write, or teach. Could they have been more wrong about Ken Blanchard?

They should serve only one purpose for you…inspiration. They are limited and wrong. If they say you can’t. That means you can. They do little in life. But you? People like you, make life happen. You provide the growth in the world that they get to live in.

So the next time they say you can’t, say “Thank you for the confirmation and inspiration!”

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