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Some days you are going to wake up and just not feel good. Some days you wake up and you feel down. Some days you wake up feeling good, and within an hour something happens that completely knocks you off kilter. Sometimes things just don’t go your way. In other words, many days you will not be feeling your best.

An important aspect of success is taking steps towards your goals on the days when you don’t feel like it. This is where passion comes in. Passion is like rocket fuel for your success track. Confucius said “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.”

He didn’t say you will love doing what you love every second that you do it. He didn’t say that you will love every part of the thing that you love. Everything in life has good parts and not so good parts. The thing to be passionate about…to love..is the purpose, cause, value, meaning, impact, etc. of what you do. Inspiring and equipping a million people to have a better life in whatever way they desire, that gets me going. My Lifeplus work is the ultimate vehicle for this. This is why I love and am passionate about teaching people about, and how to do, the Lifeplus concept for life.

“Business is too hard to work only for money”-Dave Ramsey

So true. Money, while important is several rungs down my personal priority ladder. What Dave Ramsey is saying, is that success requires dedication and working through the tough times and working when you don’t feel like it and working when it feels like you are stuck…passion…love…that will push you through to the good stuff on the other side. But Money? Its shallow. Its temporary. Its only ever a representation of something else you really want.

If you are passionate about what you do, and you do it with consistency and urgency, you will make an impact. Money will come as a result and you will be happy by the amounts and the growing abundance. But if what you do is all about the money…you will be miserable.

Put your energy in all your passions. Work with passion at something you love. And the fuel  of passion will take care of you quite nicely.


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