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I can always tell someone who is serious about building their business by what tools they have and how much they use them. In every business in the world, tools are employed. So it would stand to reason that they would be useful in building your network too wouldn’t it?

I have always used presentation/information tools as a key part of my sponsoring process. In my early days, 25 years ago, I used video tapes as a primary tool. As a matter of fact, when I first started, I used 3 video tapes that I would mail UPS to a prospect. This was a substantial investment per prospect, but it was the tools that were available, so I used the tools. Eventually it became one video, and then I graduated to using audiotapes. Before they evolved to CDs, and now the primary tools can live on the internet and be emailed.

It used to cost me hundreds of dollars in tools and postage to share the opportunity with a hundred people in a month. Today, online tools are essentially free and can be in the possession of the prospect in seconds. Offline tools are still essential as well.

If you are committed to success in your networking business, you must have tools

Tools allow you to be effective instantly in credibly sharing your gift (opportunity/products) with people. They are the great equalizer. You have no need to be effective at presenting to effectively present when you use a tool.

You have no need to be effective at presenting to effectively present when you use a tool

I talk about in “The Process” how your personal story is the most powerful tool you have in sharing your products and business. Information tools, such as books, videos, audios, websites/online presentations and brochures allow you to effectively deliver the information someone needs to make a decision without having to be a master of the information. Think of it this way, your story communicates “what’s” possible and the information you provide gives the “how” or “why” it’s possible. If you are now, or you become in the future, a skilled presenter, you can effectively deliver the information necessary for someone to learn, once you have learned it. But why wait?

You can do much more, much faster through the use of tools

You can do much more, much faster through the use of tools. First, you are using information that is third party material and takes the eye off of you as having to be the expert. Second, when you present the information you will be seen as attempting to convince or persuade. This isn’t a bad thing per se, but it is harder to do for most people. It is much easier to work with someone who sees you as trying to help them as opposed to convince them. The information tool acts as a bridge from you to them. This gives you something specific and tangible as it relates to them and your product/business to talk about, and then you simply answer their questions, and facilitate their next step…as a helper. Tools allow you to be sharing information with large numbers of people at the same time. This is called time leverage.

Time leverage gives you the benefit of hundreds of hours of effort without YOU personally investing the hundreds of hours. For example, let’s say you have access to a 20 minute online video or recorded webinar that does a good job of communicating the gift of your business. You could contact and email this to 10 people per day for a thirty day stretch (contact first!) In one month, you would have 300 people seeing you’re your presentation. They would invest a total of one hundred hours together to watch. That is 100 hours of presentations for your benefit that are happening WITHOUT YOU. Your time is being leveraged.  Then you can spend your time with the people who are responding the most favorably. You would sponsor anywhere from 30-60 people from the fruit of this leveraged time with proper follow-up.  Tools also allow you to duplicate the sharing of information in your organization faster, because anyone you sponsor can quickly tell their story and share a tool.

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