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It would be very easy to assume Garfield is unmotivated wouldn’t it?

You have met plenty of people in your life like how Garfield is depicted here. People who are too busy to build a business, but don’t appear to actually be doing anything. The natural assumption is to think that they are unmotivated. This assumption would be wrong.

Everyone who is alive is motivated. The question is for, and by, what?

Now Garfield’s example is a bit extreme of course, but it has a valuable lesson in it none the less. It is clear that Garfield is motivated eating and sleeping. If you were to sponsor Garfield, it would be because you helped Garfield see how building a business would provide him more or better food and sleep.

Part of your job as a sponsor is to help your new business partner connect the dots between taking the simple steps in the Process and the things in life they are ultimately motivated to accomplish. So how do you do that?

You ask.

People love to talk about themselves and what matters to them

People love to talk about themselves and what matters to them. Ask the people you sponsor why they want to build a business. Don’t accept the short answer of making more money. Money is the means to the end. You want to know the end. Continue to ask why as they respond (don’t do it by saying why why why repeatedly. I learned years ago the hard way that people feel badgered when you do it this way).

Use what I call dovetailing questions.

Each answer they give leads to the natural next question. Making more money leads to something like “What would that mean for you?” or “What would that bring into your life that’s missing now?” or any number of other variations. Their next answer would then provide you with the next question. This series of open questions will have your new partner open up and share deep desires. These are called intrinsic motivators, and they are the powerful ones.

Then you simply help them see how each step in The Process leads to sponsoring, and ultimately continue to lay out how it will over time lead to the thing they are motivated to achieve.

This doesn’t mean every Garfield you connect with will take action, but it does help make sure the ones that ARE ready to act , will.

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