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Unavoidable, Certain, Inescapable, Sure to Occur!

In two places, and in two separate books, in my morning reading today, the subject of reaping was the focal point. For those of you who are vague as to the meaning of reaping, it means to harvest and gather a positive return from effort previously applied. It was commonly used many moons ago in reference to farming. Many of you have heard of the law of sowing and reaping. Essentially saying you get what you deserve in this world.

Sow a habit and reap a discipline. Sow a discipline and reap gains. Something like this:-)

Anyway, the theme of this blog is success. Success in anything for everyone who is aspiring. I am a regular guy who has had to sow an enormous amount in all areas of my life to overcome the stuff I had to overcome to succeed in all the areas that matter to me. I never received a harvest I didn’t sow like crazy for over a long season. And that’s the beauty of this message.

 I never received a harvest I didn’t sow like crazy for

You already know that I believe you are good enough. That you are uniquely blessed and special regardless of your faults and weaknesses. If you have something in your heart to do it is because it fits in with who you are ordained to be. Its all about growing yourself to be the best you can be to achieve what you are designed to achieve and contribute in the way ONLY you can. That’s where this message really starts to hit home. When you sow consistent effort in your personal development, you will reap more results in whatever you endeavor to do automatically because you will be becoming a better version of you than the one that was in the world yesterday.

Relative to your endeavors and dreams?

Here are the two nuggets for you from today’s reading:

“Those who sow in tears. Shall reap in joy.”-PS126:5

“Be not weary in well-doing, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not.”-Don’t know who said this

Things that are worth doing and have significance will require consistent sowing. Consistency means exactly what it says and is relative to when you would like to reap. Consistency in business means giving focused effort 5-6 days per week, regardless of how you feel that day. Some days you don’t feel up to par (tired, down, feels harder, etc. )…sow in those tears…focus on the contribution you are making to others by giving effort to the task…be not weary in your well-doing

Sow, sow, sow…and you will reap. It’s inevitable, unavoidable, certain, inescapable, and sure to occur.

The next time someone questions your dream…let them know that your success is inevitable because it is based on one of the oldest universal principles on earth…AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP.

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