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The weather all around us is not often helpful….its blaming cats and dogs.

People who succeed don’t make excuses and people who make excuses don’t succeed.

One of the single most important things you can do as you travel your path to success in your life is to take responsibility. This is what I call Decision One in my audio program The Six Decisions for Success. I recorded this program several years ago, and every concept is as true today as it was the day I sat down in the studio. I think everyone could benefit enormously by hearing this 20 or 30 times.

Challenges and difficulties are part of every human being’s journey in life. We have external resistance that is natural whenever we are moving forward (even air will resist you if you are going fast enough), and we have internal resistance steeped in our history of negative thoughts (placed there by us and those around us. You heard some form of “No, you can’t” 150,000 times by the time you were 17 years old). All around us on a daily basis we hear people making excuses for why they aren’t doing something or why they didn’t do something. We hear people blaming others for their actions or lack of actions.

 it is all choice

The truth of the matter for everyone, is that it is all choice. Life would be very different for most people if they took full responsibility for every situation and action. I know it became very different for me. When I realized in my late 20s that the world didn’t owe me anything, that my excuses about being shy, or feeling inferior, or feeling like things don’t work out for me, or that I wasn’t as smart as other people, or that I wasn’t good at certain things, etc….when I realized that the world didn’t care about that, and no one was going to take care of my family or give me success just because they felt bad for me because I had great excuses…that it was really all a matter of choice…a matter of a decision to own what I personally needed to grow through and change…When this happened, my life began a gradual rising path of accomplishment and success.

“Argue for your limitations and sure enough they are yours.”-Richard bach

“Excuses are like exits along the road to success that lead us nowhere.”-John Maxwell

Growing your credibility is essential to developing success in all your pursuits in life. You need credibility with yourself and you need credibility in the world around you. These are earned. No one is entitled to being considered credible. The good news, is that with persistence, determination, and blameless action, combined with the right behaviors, ANYONE can become credible and successful. But you have to make the first decision and stick to it. Take responsibility.

Say good bye to excuses and blaming…they are credibility killers and lead to no where. Say hello to ownership by choice. Say hello to a bright future filled with interesting and exciting days.

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