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Not return my call?

Sign up and then not do anything?

Whine that its not working?

Say they are going to do it and then they don’t?

Not respond to my text?

Keep making excuses?

Because….that’s what  THEY do.

People do what they do. That’s what makes the world go around. You will ask yourself these kinds of questions many times in your career right up until the point that you completely get it. The purpose of this little article is to help you get it now so your work will be more fun and you won’t waste your time thinking about why people do what they do.

Jim Rohn once said “You can study the roots or you can gather the fruits.” There’s a reason why the majority of people are not successful in their pursuits in life, and its not because there is no room at the top. There is WAY more room at the top. It’s the bottom that’s crowded.  It’s because THEY are not willing to do what they need to do. THEY are not willing to put in the effort to grow themselves and to persist through the inevitable difficulties that things of value require. This applies to THEM in all things in life…not just network marketing. You just get to see it up close. You don’t normally know about people’s failure to follow through in life because you are not part of it. In this business you see it all the time. It’s a requirement for YOUR success.

There is WAY more room at the top. It’s the bottom that’s crowded.

You will not change THEM. It’s their job to change themselves. You can only be an agent and an inspiration for them to change when they are ready. But if you spend your time wondering why they do what they do, you will become one of them. Because you won’t be gathering much fruit.

You have to go through about 10 of THEM to find 2 who are truly considering making a change. When you sponsor enough of the ones who are considering making a change, you will find some of THEM who have decided, no longer to be in the THEM MAJORITY.

When you sponsor enough of THEM, you will find those that are ready to no longer be THEM

Don’t expect THEM to be different. When you hear the excuses or get no response, simply say to yourself, “Oh, that’s what they do….they are one of THEM right now” and move on to the next person. Of course you are always nice, and you will keep them in your process, and you will not let them know that you know they are one of them….you will just move on.

We never expect other’s to be different. We only make sure that WE are different. This is the best way to serve THEM who want to make a change. Be the model of the change they want to have. You do this by letting them be them, and finding the ones who are ready to be like YOU.


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