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What if this was your mantra when you woke up this morning?

And you really meant it?

Og Mandino said “Today I will surpass every action which I performed yesterday. I will climb today’s mountain to the utmost of my ability yet tomorrow I will climb higher than today, and the next will be higher than tomorrow. To surpass the deeds of others is unimportant; to surpass my own deeds is all.”

To surpass my own deeds is all….that’s the ticket right there. Too many people are waking up in the morning and racing against others. This is a sure way to be whacked out. How can you race against someone when you have no idea what race they are running? And to what end? Your life is about what YOU bring to this world.

Comparing yourselves to others, will lead you down one of two paths and neither end up in a good place. You can compare yourself to someone you appear to be doing better than (I say appear, because again, you really don’t know what race they are running or what their life is like behind closed doors) and be puffed up and prideful…which is a sure way to a undesirable end. Or you can compare yourself to someone who is outdistancing you and find yourself very disempowered (for no reason, because once again, you have no idea about THEM).

You want to have your best day each day? Wake up with a spirit of thankfulness that you just woke up!!! Then be thankful some more for all of your blessings. Right now. Then take a little time to invest in yourself. Your spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and developmental well-being. Then go to work doing the best you can with a great attitude and working on what is important to you, with the values that are important to you, with the dual purpose of being better than you were yesterday and helping the world be a better place today through your efforts. Then wrap it all around time with the people that matter.

That my friends is it in a simple nutshell. Never ever waste a second of your precious life and talents on comparison to another.

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