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Sponsoring is the key to success in Building your business.

Until you are serving and leading a large organization, sponsoring needs to be your number one focus. I don’t care if you are sponsoring a brand new contact, or someone who has been missing in action and you are now sponsoring them for the tenth time. You need to be sponsoring to succeed.

You need to be sponsoring to succeed

Every activity you engage in through out The Process is about sponsoring and positioning your self to have more sponsoring happen through others. If you are working at building part-time, which most everyone is for a while, and the majority of the industry is forever, you should be sponsoring a person a week on average. If you are not, you need to stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself what is stopping you from doing the steps that are guaranteed to lead you to success?

If 10 presentations to qualified prospects will yield 2 who say yes right now, then it’s not hard to figure out what the equation would be to sponsor one per week is it?  In today’s easy info technology world, 10 presentations is easy to accomplish. You make a contact, ask if they are interested in learning about your awesome opportunity, get a commitment for them to review the information you send them, set a time to follow up, and do it. A THIRD grader can do The Process in today’s world. Even if you only get one in ten, you can still sponsor a person a week without breaking a sweat, just by taking the action.

 A THIRD grader can do The Process in today’s world

Dave Ramsey in his book Entreleader says this “More activity is insurance against failure. Simply, if you make a hundred sales calls you are more likely to make a sale than if you make ten sales calls. That is such a ridiculously simple concept that I am really confused why entire companies die from lack of activity in their approach to marketing. More activity gives you more options to make a sale.”

He’s talking about companies with a lot of capital at risk and much more complexity. Making a contact in building YOUR residual income business has NO RISK. It’s the best option on the planet for most people and it’s as easy as sponsoring a person a week until you don’t need to anymore.

How’s that for complex business plan? Sponsor a person a week until you don’t need to anymore. How will you know you don’t need to? You’ll know, but just in case you’re not sure, the next post to come will answer the question!

So…to wrap this one up: Sponsor a person a week if you are part time, and as many as you possibly can if you are full time. It is the most important activity in our work.



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