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There will be times as you are building your business when you are tempted to stop sponsoring so that you can focus on helping your partners grow. Its good that you want to help your partners grow their business. It shows that you care about their success, and helping others is the foundation of referral or network marketing. The challenge is that when you stop sponsoring new partners, you have stopped exampling this activity for your organization and your people will watch what you do more than they will listen to what you say.

 people will watch what you do more than they will listen to what you say

The other challenge with this is that you have now placed the entire pace of your growth in the hands of others. It is a common and natural mistake to do this too soon. We all want believe the best with the people we sponsor. You will sponsor people who say boldly that they are going to build the business and you will then begin to feel you need to set time aside for them. If you have sponsored five or six people like this you will feel like you need to dedicate all your time to these people so you might stop your own sponsoring activities.  Never base your activities on what others say.

 Never base your activities on what others say

The only time you should slow your sponsoring activities is when the requests for your time from your active partners is so great that you don’t have time to do your own approaching. Then you will know that this is a natural time to pause from sponsoring. When these people begin to become self-sufficient, you should resume sponsoring activities again, unless you have already achieved your goals.

Whenever you are not satisfied with the level of your growth, you should begin looking for new people to work with. The exception to this rule is for a well established leader with a large organization. This person would have other factors to consider, but that is not the scope of this post. That is a leadership topic.

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