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How would you like to instantly become better at getting appointments or having people review information?

Of course you would.

There are many effective ways to make an approach (what I call an initial contact). If you follow my guidelines of being nice, respectful, natural, and never pressuring, you will be way more effective than the people that use hype scripted approaches. If people are comfortable, given that they need what you have to offer (more income for example), they are usually open to learning about what you have. Brand new people following this teaching have a very high ratio of contact to information…often as high as 70% or more.

And now I’m going to show you how to increase THAT number AND have people more seriously look at the same time. The good news about this tip is that it does not require you to have any more skill than you currently have. It just requires you to be authentic.

You have a story. A story that you tell when you are sharing. At the front of that story is the reason you were looking for something in the first place. This is a key part of the story because it allows someone to identify with you, since they too are looking for solutions in their own life.  We easily convey the surface part of the reason like “I was looking for a way to earn more money.” This is fine. It’s relatable. But it can be much more powerful.

You most likely know that the deeper reasons you want to make more money are the true “why” that you drives you to build your business. Money does not drive you to success…the meaning of that money in your life is the driver. So here is the simple and easy to use tip that will make a huge difference.

Share your deep WHY to open the conversation. Here is a breakdown of how this might go:

You text Bob and ask him when is a good time to talk for a minute?

He responds at some point so now you call him.

You open with “Bob, the reason I’m calling is, I’ve been trying to get out from under this mountain of college debt for a while, but it’s killing me and I haven’t been making much progress, so I started a business on the side that helps people(fill in one of the things you market)….”

What you have done is establish “WHY THIS” and given Bob a heartfelt authentic CAUSE that’s important to you. Now you move to “WHY BOB.”

“WHY BOB” is the reason you are calling him! He’s a great guy and the kind of person you’d like to work with and could you sit down and talk about it, and it’s okay if it’s not for him because he would know some of the right people….or you share a bit about your product offer because you know Bob is interested in this area and would he check it out….

This is so easy and so effective because it’s completely authentic and people appreciate this, and are happy to help in some way if they can. All you want to do in the Process is let people know what you have, so that those with the need can take advantage of it…this is the perfect way to do it.

In this way you have approached from a place of deep honesty, unlike every one else who ever talks to Bob about any kind of business, and have essentially aksed him if he could help by checking out this great thing you have.


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