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Feet in ocean

Say these words out loud to yourself.

We all need practice in saying these words. Not because we are right so much that it rarely happens that we might have to utter these words and therefor need to practice. Oh if that were only true huh?

It’s actually the opposite. Knowledge and information is as vast as all the sand particles on all the beaches in all the worlds. So are we supposed to know everything? I think not. It humbles me how little I actually know.

It’s not a function of if we will be wrong about things, because we will all be wrong daily, it is really about whether we are REAL enough to admit it. I appreciate when someone admits they are wrong. I respect them for this. Being wrong doesn’t make us dumb, foolish, uninformed, ignorant, naïve, or unattractive….but not admitting it DOES.

I don’t trust people who cannot admit a mistake. If they would go to the ridiculous lengths to feign perfection when things are tiny…what would they do in their pride when things were bigger?

Give me a real, authentic, mistake making human being any day over anyone who tries to portray perfection. Perfection and all-knowing are not human.

So come on everyone, let’s be real and admit when we mess up. We’ll all be better off for it.


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