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“Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time, and energy needed to develop yourself. It gives you permission to invest in yourself so you can develop your own potential.”-Denis Waitley

The operative piece of this quote is “Belief that you are worth the effort.” It’s also, the catch-22. The more you open your mind and personally develop yourself, the more you will understand that you ARE worth it. So which comes first?

I see so many people who put themselves in a box. You hear them say things like “I’m just not good at…” or “I just can’t…” When you tell yourself, and the world, these kinds of things, everyone will believe it, including you, whether or not it’s true!

Few people ever take the time to assess exactly what their gifts and abilities are. They spend plenty of time looking at what they don’t like or think they don’t have. When you focus your energy on the negative, or the limiters, that’s what you get as a result in life…negative and limitations. It causes people to put themselves in a box and stay there.

God doesn’t make mistakes. You have your own affinities and strengths that are uniquely yours and allow you to do things in a way others cannot. You are not better than anyone, nor is anyone better than you. We are equally yoked, with different attributes. It is only our mind and our thinking which limits us from using our attributes. This is where personal development comes in.

When you spend time on developing your unique self, it is like the sun freshly rises on your potential in life. You begin to see what is bright and possible. The dark side will always be there, but why would you want to spend even a second longer in poor thinking than you have to?

You are definitely worth it. If you don’t believe me, then try this test. For the next month, invest fifteen minutes per day reading something that is personal development based and then asses, at the end of the month, how your thinking is and how you feel about things. I know you will find that there is a substantial difference in your thought life after just 30 days. Then recognize what it would mean to make this a permanent part of your daily life journey.

Hello sunshine!

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