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This is a repost from years ago.

I bet if you asked this question to 50 people you would get a variety of answers. You might hear that security is a lot of money in the bank, or a good job, or owning a home, or knowing you are loved.

But are these really things that make us secure? One of my favorite quotes is from Helen Keller. She said “security is mostly a superstition.”

Why is it that we think we can have security in things or people? The dictionary defines security as “freedom from danger or risk,” and also as “freedom from anxiety and doubt.” Is there really any freedom from danger or risk? I would submit to you that there is no such thing as freedom from danger or risk. There is a perception of this, but no reality.

I would submit to you that there is no such thing as freedom from danger or risk.

The amount of resources and opportunity that is wasted in lieu of false security is staggering. For many years my fears limited my life to such an extent that my desire for security became a barrier from living and pursuing.

In my career and in my personal life I have seen a tremendous amount of sudden life changes that no measure of perceived security could compensate for. The only security I know of is the security I find in knowing that God is ultimately in control and that Jesus died on a cross for me. That’s where I get my peace. It’s not place to tell you where to find your peace. You have your own path to walk. I do feel responsible for driving home the point that security is never guaranteed on this earth. So don’t waste any of your life on trying to protect a myth.

Don’t spend your today’s limiting yourself from pursuing your dreams in the name of security. That job is not secure. Your life is not secure. Why worry about tomorrow? You will miss today. Why worry about yesterday? It’s gone…don’t allow it to steal today.

Why worry about tomorrow? You will miss today.

It’s okay to plan for tomorrow, but LIVE LIVE LIVE today. Soak up every moment. Cherish every experience. Smell, taste, listen, love, and risk….for what is risk? The biggest risk is to not live.

One of my favorite quotes which I have on my wall on a little index card comes from Mel Gibson in the movie Brave Heart: “Every man dies, but not every man really lives.”


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