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The greater your belief the less you have fear. It’ this simple.

If you think about what people fear…what you and I feared (or still fear for some) in the early stages of building our network and customer base…it is usually a direct reflection of a low belief in the area. If we fear what someone will say to us, we might have a low belief in ourselves (either competency wise or confidence wise). If we fear that we will fail, then again, we have a low belief in ourselves, and we may have a low belief the business.

I can go on and on about different scenarios and which belief is low, and you probably can too if you think about it enough. Instead, here’s where I will focus. BUILDING BELIEF.

Build your belief in yourself and you will know, that if other people can become successful despite whatever personal mountains they had to climb, then you can to.

Build belief in the industry. People who don’t understand the industry (ignorance) will tell you all their made up reasons why it doesn’t work and why you are foolish. The more YOU understand how powerful the industry is, the more this will amuse you instead of make you question yourself. The industry is huge and getting bigger by the year (and it’s been around for over 60 years already).

Build belief in your company. You have to know that the company is long term focused and cares about the quality of it’s products and the people it serves. If the number one thing they promote is how much money you can make…you are in the wrong place.

Belief in the Process. Once you truly understand the concept of two out of ten, human nature. THIS becomes easy. When you have true belief in the process, all you have to do is work it. The faster you work it, the faster you will succeed. The process is blameless and non-prejudice. It doesn’t care who works it. It just rewards those that do.

When you have these beliefs in place, you will have little to no fear. And if you do? Read this from Lewis Andrews:

“When we talk about fear as a problem, then, we’re not talking about every instance of fear, only our tendency toward overreaction–imagining a problem where none really exists, worrying about things over which we have no control, or turning a reasonable cause for concern into something much worse. An American president once said that we have nothing to fear but fear itself; but it is probably more correct to say that we have nothing to fear but our hand in exaggerating it.”

“First we must become open to the possibility that the dark reality of present evasion and fear is not the only plane of existence. There exists for each of us a parallel option, a potential universe where honest opinions are valued, not punished; where taking healthy risks is rewarded regardless of the outcome; and where self-expression and success are considered synonymous. Furthermore, this universe is not in some utopian mountain location or in a commune or in an exotic religious cult, but literally as close to us as the people we pass on the street.”

-Lewis M. Andrews, Ph.D. To Thine Own Self Be True

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