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This is the time of the year when I step back a bit. I reflect on the past year, enjoy the fruits of time well-spent, and refresh and renew my purpose for the future. 2015 has been an incredible year. Full of affirmation, transitions, and accomplishment in many areas of life, as well as being laced with hills and mountains of challenge.

We are all so truly blessed. Being blessed does not mean a life of leisure and ease, with no difficulties. To the contrary, some of our greatest blessings come disguised as hardship. It has taken me many years to get to the place of understanding I live in now. The place where my days are totally centered on how I can better serve others with the gifts I have been entrusted with. We all are entrusted with gifts. We spend a long time in life thinking those gifts are for us. That they are meant to help us reap the harvest that awaits us as we work diligently.

This is partially true in that our gifts are how we reap our harvests most fully. But the lesson that takes decades to learn, is it is through using our gifts for the good of others, that ultimately brings the harvest. Our gifts are for others! This is when we burn the brightest.

“True fulfillment is, I believe, vicarious. We get our deepest satisfaction from the fulfillment and growth and happiness of others. It takes time, often a lifetime, to realize this. “-Charles Handy

I wish you a time of peace during this Christmas season. And an incredible year of fulfillment through fruitfully blessing others through your gifts.

I will not be posting again until the New Year.

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