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One of the wonderful things about our industry (provided you are with a company that is long term) is that it is truly a level playing field for anyone with the heart and tenacity to work at it.

Some people might think “is this really true?” “Don’t some people have an easier time because of who they are?” Yes, in the short run, but not over the long haul. Let me explain this a bit. There is no real capital barrier of entry and no educational requirement, so pretty much anyone who wants to can start a business in network marketing. So the entry, or the ticket into the game, is open to anyone.

At the beginning, credibility and skills will separate who will have a faster start, given the same level of effort. The person with developed skills and credibility will move the fastest of all. But they have earned this position prior to starting their networking business. The more important point is the person with lesser credibility and lesser skill can develop more of both, and over time be as successful or more successful as the fast starter. Like the tortoise and the hare.

This is what is so cool. First you start by leading yourself and doing what you need to do. Working at it. Growing your skills and growing your credibility. Over time you then are able to lead others from the example you developed and credibility you earned. This is where you create a lasting success. Start by following in the footsteps of someone who knows the way, and cares about you. they will help you maximize what you already bring to the business while you develop what you don’t have yet. This is a great perspective:

“Self-leaders become partners with their leaders. They develop the ability to pick up the ball and run with it. They learn how to challenge their assumed constraints–beliefs that limit them–and reach for what they need to succeed. Self-leaders learn to use all their points of power–knowledge power, task power, personal power and relationship power–rather than relying only on their position power….when goals work out, it is usually because you instinctively take the initiative to be a self-leader and get what you need to succeed.”-Ken Blanchard, The Heart of a Leader

Consider this:

Knowledge power-you can learn

Task power- You can perform the steps in the process

Personal Power- You can persist, persevere, and be consistent

Relationship Power- You can be nice, honest, and respectful and help others in the process

Whatever you want to achieve is right at your fingertips. No one can stop you. Be the next role model.

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