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You are a unique individual. You are blessed with your own strengths. And of course you are also blessed with those areas which don’t come very easy. This is normal for all people. We all like somethings and not others. Just like some dogs like to sit on the couch and others like the top of the couch!

When it comes to building your business both aspects of you will be in play. There are going to be some things that are comfortable and feel somewhat natural and there will be others that feel very awkward and uncomfortable. First thing to understand, is that this is true for everyone you ever see who walks across a stage and gets recognized for an achievement in the business. All of them have their same version of internal stuff to deal with.

The bigger part of succeeding in building your business to the level you want, has little to do with which strengths or weaknesses you possess, and instead is completely based on the will to work forward using your strengths while you acknowledge and work on those weaknesses which limit your gifts. The whole person is working the process. Not just the part of you that is comfortable with certain areas.

In today’s world, there are so many ways you can work. Technology has provided a plethora of avenues to connect and disseminate information. If you have the WILL to succeed you can. There are no excuses that are viable for not succeeding if you are with a solid company. Time is not an issue because there is now the capacity to touch people, or at least engage the conversation, 24 hours per day. So you can always find the time to work the process in your life. Fear is less of a factor than it used to be, because the areas of the process that are fearful for you can be softened through proper use of technology until you grow your belief in yourself and the fear diminishes. Without going into specific instructions here on “how to” (as this would then go to deeper training and take too long for one article), there is NOTHING in the way of someone building a business.

There is no one single way that builds the business. What must be duplicated is working the process consistently and treating people with kindness and respect while you operate with integrity. How you work the process, can be many different ways that fit your current skills, personal situation, time flexibility, goals and mission, support structure, and available tools. The business of growing your business is purely about the numbers in the process that convert into customers and business partners and then into relationships for life.

The more numbers you work, in the way that is YOUR way, the more people you will sponsor, and the more long term relationships you will build with your network community. But there is not ONE way to work the numbers. Find YOUR way, and then work it.

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